alt Partnership agreement with 3M/Peltor


Lambda Electronics, is proud to have the Peltor™ brand range of 3M, the world’s leader in safety and protective equipment, as part of its product offering. Peltor™ Communication Equipment as well as hearing, head & face protection products for noisy and hazardous environments are renowned world leaders. With more than 50 years of experience , the Peltor Brand promises superior quality communication solutions that provide an optimal balance of comfort and protection. 3M, with their global technology, manufacturing and knowledge network does more than simply develop products that help your workforce to operate in safety and comfort. The advanced engineering and technology inherent with the Peltor Brand fits the high standard of quality and innovation of a continuously evolving range of product solutions that you, our customer, come to expect from Lambda Electronics. Many renowned companies have chosen Peltor™ products for optimum safety at work. Example; Oil & Gas Communication Solutions, the Blue-Line range. A series of intrinsically safe products designed for extreme environments developed in close collaboration with demanding users. These products are produced against IECEx standard also and not only ATEX and in compliance with the hearing standard EN352. This will give even more confidence in the safety features of the product being the highest safety rating available in the market. Available from stock, the Peltor™ Lite-Com™ Basic communication headsets with built-in two-way communication,


-communication on 8 or 30 channels programmable in the UHF 403-430-470 Mhz bands

-38 sub-channels allow several users groups to communicate without listening to other groups in on the same channel.

-an electronic voice in the receiver tells you the setting of the device

-unused, the headset switches off automatically to save the batteries

-operating time up to 17 hours

-working range is up to 3 km outdoors depending on actual conditions