IP100 Series

alt Now available, wireless LAN intercom system

ICOM has launched its  IP 100 wireless LAN Intercom and paging solutions.


A basic IP100 system does consist of the IP-100H hand terminals, the IP 1000C server appliance and the AP-90M wireless access points. In cases where compatible (IEEE 802.11 standards)  access points are already available, you just add an IP1000C server appliance, and some IP-100H terminals, and you are good to go. For new networks we recommend the use of the manageable AP-90M access points.

ip100 overview

-a IP-1000C server appliance can manage up to 100 x IP-100H terminals. Servers can be cascaded to support multiples of 100x IP100H terminals

-the IP-100H terminals are waterproof ( IPX7)

-the IP-100FS is a Windows software based remote communicator/dispatcher console software , allowing voice communication and text messages (paging) to and from IP-100H terminals.

- targeted to be used in hospitals ( low power device), restaurants, hotels, schools, shopping malls, high rise buildings and other indoor wireless voice applications

-supports full duplex in combination with a head set.

-group calls and individual calls

-seamless roaming between access points

-status and short data messages

-remote monitor, kill, revive , stun

-location information based on access points

-signal coverage only limited by access points. Extend coverage by adding access points.

IP100 network overview