License Free Private Mobile Radio standard, PMR446

PMR446 ( PMR = Personal Mobile Radio, 446= 446MHz) is a European standard. The Standard was defined by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). Its intention is to stimulate the free circulation of radio communication products and the provision of such equipment in Europe for radio communications.

The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of the United Arab Emirates has , in May 2016, amended their regulatory framework which does now allow the use and operation of PMR446 radios in the Emirates. The TRA regulation, which covers also PMR446, is the “Ultra wide-band and Short Range Device “ regulation.

PMR446 radios do not require a UAE TRA spectrum licenses! The radios can therefore be used right after purchase.  Lambda Electronics LTD has obtained all necessary approvals and authorizations to provide these radios "free of license" for their customers to be used in the UAE.

Please note that not all proclaimed "licence free " radios can be use in the UAE! The US standard FSR and GMRS, wichs radios are sometimes offered as license free in for instance online stores, do operate in the 462 MHz and 467 MHz frequency range. That frequency ranges are reserved for government use in the UAE and are not available for public use! Hence, FSR and GMRS equipment does therefore not fulfill the UAE (TRA)  "License Free" requirements! Please watch out for offers  in regards to  "License Free " Radios. In case of a doubt, please check back with us.

ICOM IC-F29SR/DR PMR446 Radios:

-The frequency values of the radio are prefixed as to the PMR446 standard. Two flavors of PMR446 radios are available

-8/16 channels for a PMR 446 the analog radio only, the IC-F29SR/2.

-8 analog channels & 16  digital channels for the more advanced digital version, the IC-F29DR.


-Why should I choose a IC-FR29SR/DR  ( ICOM PMR446) radio over other Brands?

The ICOM F29 series provides the same robust appearance as his licensed pedant, the IC-F1000/2000 series radios. It comes with Lithium-ion battery, Desktop charger, is water and dust proof and complies to MIL 810 specifications.

-Do I need a license for my IC-F29 PMR 446 Radio in the UAE?

No, if purchased from Lambda Electronics or from one of its re-sellers,  UAE type approval and class authorization is already been taken care of.

-Will the IC-F29 radios work with my existing radios?

If it is another PMR446 radio, also from another brand, it might. Since there are several categories of PMR 446 radio standards, please check back with us first. If you seek to communicate to other,  licensed,  radios which you already have,  you might want to use a gateway. Please contact a Lambda Electronics Sales representative for details.

-Which radio type ( licensed or licensed free ) radio version is best for me?

The PMR 446 version is ideal for small businesses,  restaurants, schools, hospitals, malls, warehouses , small venues, events,  leisure and private etc.  Since no license is required, the radios can be deployed rather quickly. Regardless of brand, PMR446 radios are working on the same assigned frequencies  ( 8, 16 or 24) in accordance to the ETSI standards. Interferences are therefore inevitable for locations where many PMR446 radios are operated in a smaller coverage area!

Digital ICOM PMR446 radios are generally more robust against channel interference compared to their analog pedant.

Commercial, licensed radios on the other hand, are designed for signal redundancy. In order to avoid signal interference, they work on large number of different frequencies and frequency bands,  i.e. VHF or UHF. They provide larger signal coverage due to their higher signal power output and can operate in different operation modes, such as  trunking, semi-duplex and simplex. They are more suited for high end business  use and critical communication applications where rather greater coverage as well as secure & reliable radio communication solution are in preference, over operations costs ( i.e. licenses) .

-What range can i expect from a PMR446 radio?

The range of a two way radio communication is influenced by many factors. Particular atmospheric conditions can provide radio communication links over very long distances. These however are rather the exception than a rule and are short living and hardly predictable.  The maximum distance  for a reliable, stable,  two way radio communication is determined mainly by the distance to the horizon ( Line Of Sight =  LOS). Once the other party is beyond the horizon, so is the reliability.

Some manufactures are proclaiming a working distance of 30 miles and more. Under ideal conditions, the reliable range can indeed exceed well 50-60 KM or more, provided that both parties are in LOS.

LOS for such distances does require high elevation like the top of a high hill or mountain, a high rise building or any other object which does provide sufficient elevation from the ground.

The actual working requirements under which two way radio equipment usually has to perform, is most of the times however far away from the above projected ideal conditions.

Another factor which does constrain radio signal are obstacles in the path!

Therefore, realistically, for PMR446 radios which are used in urban environments with buildings and other obstructions in the communication path,  we predict ranges between 500 Meter to around 2 KM. In flat areas with slight obstructions or no obstructions at all, range can be slightly higher. That is not to bad at all! Hence, PMR446 is closing the gab and does provide solutions for many applications where in the past licensed radios had to be purchased and operated.

Although PMR446 can be the right choice for many applications, it does not obsolete commercial radio installations. For mission critical in house PMR communication solutions for example, as well as for large outdoor coverage requirements, or a combination of both, we might suggest going for our licensed LMR/PMR radio solution instead of PMR446.

High rise buildings, Hotel complexes, Shopping Malls etc., thus applications where high communication availability is a essential over a larger number of users and user groups, a digital repeater trunking solution in combination with a DAS ( Distributed Antenna System) does provide the scalability, channel capacity and signal coverage required for such mission critical applications. Please give us a call or drop us an E-Mail if you seek further information in regards to this topic.

Please check out (also license free) our  IP - WLAN  radio system solution,  which is ideal for locations where a WLAN Infrastruktur is already in place, is in planning or to be extend.

For questions and queries, please contact our Sales department.