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Our business does focus on all of the facet's of today's modern Radio Communication Technology. Starting from a straight forward "two way " communication, utilizing some License Free "Walky Talkies",  via an IP & WLAN based ( no licenses needed) feature rich professional Radio Systems for your in-house based radio requirement,  up to multiple site digital radio communication systems. The team around Lambda Electronics will be happy to consult you and help you in selection the right equipment and accessories for your application. We will work out conceptual designs and solution in line with your requirements and budget.

Being in this type of business for well over 30 years, we have developed over time the experiences , know how and facilities to serve you at best. Contact us in order to discuss also your requirement, our team will be happy to server you.

Sales & Management Team

  • alt Hartmut DehlenGeneral Manager
  • alt Krysia CornickBusiness Dev. Consultant UAE
  • alt Jay ChandranBusiness Development Manager
  • alt Praveen CherianSales Account Manager & Marine Sales
  • alt Linda AlvarezUAE LMR & PMR Sales

Logistics & Service

  • alt Lisa al JoabiOrder Management
  • alt Raymond AlvarezSystem Engineering

Invoice & Delivery

  • alt Joy CincoInvoice & Delivery Document Management