Illegal use of radio equipment and the trade of counterfeit radio equipment has become a huge issue, both for customers as well as for radio communication suppliers, which are respecting the rules and are supplying high quality products and first class services to their customers.

Counterfeit equipment does not provide the same high quality standard as the genuine products and most of the time fails just after a short time. Money not very well spend.

Illegal operated equipment does often interfere with commercially used frequency bands. These has already led to fatal incidents in the construction sector. The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of the UAE does therefore randomly check the use of the frequency spectrum. Hefty fines are waiting for those, which are knowingly or unknowingly operating unlicensed equipment.

"license free" radios, i.e.  PMR446 (European standard), such as the ICOM IC-F29SR or IC-F29DR radio models or the IUP100H Wireless LAN radio system,   DO NOT require a TRA spectrum license in the UAE. The UAE TRA regulation was amended in mid 2016 accordingly. The use "license free" radios in the UAE is however subject of a class authorization and type approval (equipment registration),  which usually is taken care of by the supplier. The customer in such case can freely use and operate these radios after purchase.

Consequently, not all of the equipment which is proclaimed as being "license free",  is allowed to be used in the UAE.

Therefore, you are well advised that prior to purchase radio equipment, to please ask your supplier if he can provide a copy of a valid TRA type approval or equipment registration certificate for the equipment you intend to purchase. If the supplier cannot provide such a copy, we suggest to go for an alternative!  The TRA type approval certificate (or TRA equipment registration certificate) does ensure that the equipment does conform to the TRA regulations. 

-A link to the UAE TRA website and the radio spectrum regulations you will find here. Check the "Ultra Wide Band and Short Range devices" regulation for "license free" radios usage the UAE.

-Be aware of counterfeit radio equipment. Such equipment is lacking the performance and lifetime of the "real thing".  Furthermore,  such equipment is  illegal to be sold or to be operated in the UAE.

- Currently know counterfeit radio models using the ICOM logo, which however are not legitimate ICOM products are:

IC-V87, IC-V89, IC-UV91, IC-3688, IC-F3004

- Counterfeit available Copies of models currently still; in production produced by ICOM

IC-V80, IC-G80, IC-2300H, IC-M304

- Copies of discontinued models which are no longer in ICOM production

IC-V8, IC-V85, IC-2200H, IC-V82

-Please check out this link for information's on genuine ICOM radio models and how to identify them.

Confused? Do not worry, please feel free to contact us in case you require additional information's in regards to the above said. We are happy to help.