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    Delivering top quality solutions and services does require access to top quality products.  Our partners do provide just that. We are complementing those products by adding top class services. That does enable us to deliver tailored, premium quality solutions to our customers.
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    • For many years, Lambda Electronics is a ICOM partner and sole agent for ICOM products in the UAE. ICOM is one of the largest Manufacturer of radio communication equipment for the Amateur Radio, Land Mobile and Private Mobile Radio (PMR), Marine Radio Communication and Navigation sector, as well as for the aviation Radio market space.
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    • PROCOM A/S is one of the leading manufacturer of antenna systems for wireless 2-way radio communication for professional use. Based in Denmark they produce a wide range of products which apart from antennas also comprises RX/TX combiners, duplex filters and RF measuring equipment..
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    • Lambda Electronics, is proud to have the Peltor™ brand range of 3M, the world’s leader in safety and protective equipment, as part of its product offering. Peltor™ Communication Equipment as well as hearing, head & face protection products for noisy and hazardous environments are renowned world leaders. With more than 50 years of experience , the Peltor Brand promises superior quality communication solutions that provide an optimal balance of comfort and protection. .