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projects pic1 2 Sharjah Intl. Airport dPMR, digital radio trunking System, new ETSI standard!
projects pic1 2 YAS WATERWORLD ABU DHABI The latest attraction in the UAE, the Yas Waterworld, located at Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.
projects pic1 2 Al Bahr TowersDigital radio system solution for innovative sun sensitive twin  office towers in Abu Dhabi
projects pic1 2 FERRARI WORLD Radio Communications is managed by an ICOM Digital IDAS* Single-site Trunking system
4 channel Digital Radio trunking System

For the exciting and fast world of the Ferrari theme park at Yas island, Lambda Electronics delivered and installed an IDAS multi-channel single-site radio repeater system with trunked radio operation functionality. The choice of radio system went for a complete digital IDAS solution and this for a number of reasons. To name a few; Digital easily outperforms analog in audio clarity and at the fringes of the communication range, thus providing more reliable audio over a greater total area. It utilizes 6.25 kHz narrow band FDMA technology. This system is not only spectrum efficient, but meets the latest Telecommunication Regulations (TRA and FCC compliance).

4 channel trunking System under test

The system is scalable, thus it can be extended when required. All the components of the radio system, such as the repeater radios, channel combining equipment, the power supplies and back-up batteries are housed in a lockable sleek 19" equipment rack. From there the antenna signals are distributed throughout the park to various antennas via a low-loss coaxial cabling. Because of the mission critical nature of the communication requirements, the system is fitted with a maintenance free battery back-up system, providing up to 8 hours of operation in case of power outages. * = IDASTM is ICOM's digital land mobile radio system using the NXDN common air interface.

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