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projects pic1 2 Jumaira Lakes Towers digital radio solution for a security company
projects pic1 2 Dubai Intl. airport Multisite digital radio simulcast system
projects pic1 2 Sharjah Intl. Airport dPMR, digital radio trunking System, new ETSI standard!
projects pic1 2 YAS WATERWORLD ABU DHABI The latest attraction in the UAE, the Yas Waterworld, located at Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.
projects pic1 2 Al Bahr TowersDigital radio system solution for innovative sun sensitive twin  office towers in Abu Dhabi
projects pic1 2 FERRARI WORLD Radio Communications is managed by an ICOM Digital IDAS* Single-site Trunking system
The Legend of the Lost Pearl – YAS WATERWORLD ABU DHABI

Also the new iconic Emirati themed Water Park located at Yas Island, adjacent to the Ferrari World, has chosen for an ICOM DIGITAL ADVANCED RADIO SYSTEM (IDAS NXDN) to assist their critical day-to-day operations spread over 15 hectares. The parks’ theme is based on the story of an Emirati girl who is searching for a pearl. By its 43 rides, slides and other attractions, visitors are able to follow the adventures main character ‘Dana’, while enjoying the wet and splashing attractions of the water park.

The attractions, such as water slides and even a looped roller coaster, plus the various shops and restaurants are set in a dense location which will accommodate 7000 visitors. In such an intense environment smooth and reliable digital radio communications are crucial for efficient park operations, also in the case of an emergency. Essential reasons for choosing a state-of-the-art digital trunking system, which facilitates 6 simultaneous digital radio channels. The digital nature of communication easily outperforms conventional analogue radio installations in audio clarity and in its ability to penetrate dense structures, especially at the fringes of the communication range, thus providing a more reliable radio coverage over a greater total area. Due to the character of the digital modulation/demodulation background noises are greatly suppressed, providing a clear communication also in extremely noisy inviroment.

IDAS utilizes a 6.25 kHz narrow-band FDMA technology and NXDN trunking. This technology is very spectrum efficient, and does meets the latest Telecommunication Regulations (TRA & FCC & ITU compliant).

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