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projects pic1 2 Jumaira Lakes Towers digital radio solution for a security company
projects pic1 2 Dubai Intl. airport Multisite digital radio simulcast system
projects pic1 2 Sharjah Intl. Airport dPMR, digital radio trunking System, new ETSI standard!
projects pic1 2 YAS WATERWORLD ABU DHABI The latest attraction in the UAE, the Yas Waterworld, located at Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.
projects pic1 2 Al Bahr TowersDigital radio system solution for innovative sun sensitive twin  office towers in Abu Dhabi
projects pic1 2 FERRARI WORLD Radio Communications is managed by an ICOM Digital IDAS* Single-site Trunking system
dPMR mode 3, the next level in DIGITAL radio communication

Lambda Electronics has provided a digital radio communication system for the airport operation at the international airport of Sharjah The system is based on a narrow band dPMR technology, providing 8 simultaneous radio channels for the operation. dPMR (digital private mobile radios) is a non propriety open standard which was developed by the European Telecommunication Standards Institute ( ETSI).

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Design goal was to provide a flexible radio communication system which does support a centralized application system for user management and monitoring. The system operates in dPMR mode3 and does support full trunking capabilities for maximum channel recourse availability, also during peak traffic hours. Due to the digital nature of the radio terminals, background noises are highly suppressed, allowing reliable & clear radio communication also in at an airport environment.

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