License free Wireless LAN Based Radio system

ip100 overview

Are you not yet done paying a fortune on fees for your existing two way radio system?

If you are, we might have an alternative for you!

The ICOM IP100H digital radio system is the ideal push to talk radio solution for "in house" radio application, such as for warehouses, schools, hospital, shopping malls , hotel resorts etc. If you have WLAN (wireless Lan) infrastructure in place, have a closer look.

The IP100H radio system will provide you with unlimited radio communication wherever you have coverage via your WLAN infrastructure. No need for repeater installations, licenses or expensive in house antenna systems and ongoing installations to make you radio system work. The IP100H system is a full featured digital radio system, featuring all of the options a high end digital radio system has to offer. Such as :

-crystal clear voice communication due to uncompressed voice signal

-full duplex communication ( in combination with a head set)

-group calls, individual calls, all user call, calls to other communication system such as PABX etc.

-seamless roaming between access points

-status and short data messages

-remote monitoring, kill, revive , stun

-user location tracking

-and more

A IP100H digital radio system does consist of a central controller, the IP 1000C system server appliance, the IP100H portable user terminals  and a wireless access points infrastrukture. That is all what is needed to deplouy a radio system. No cable laying works, antenna installations, repeater installation or else.

Am IP100H isnatllation is allmost plug and play. Installation and rollout for also a complex system can be usually done in a day. If  WLAN access points  (IEEE 802.11 standards)  are already available, you just add the  IP1000C server appliance, and some IP-100H terminals, and you are good to go.

-a IP-1000C server/ controller appliance can manage up to 100 x IP-100H terminals. For a larger support of users, you will add a 2nd controller appliance which does add user support for additional 100 users. Up to 1000 users are supported in a network.

-the IP-100H terminals are waterproof ( IPX7)

-the IP-100 system comes ( ooptianlal) with the IP100FS Windows OS based remote communicator/dispatcher console software , allowing voice communication and text messages (paging) to and from IP-100H terminals from al Laptop or desktop computer.

Targeted to be used also in hospitals. The IP100H is a low power device, suitable to be used also in areas where a high power conventional two way radio use is not not permitted. Ideal also for restaurants, high rise buildings and other indoor wireless two way radio applications.

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