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Portable, Mobile & aircraft aviation radio equipment

ICOM has developed a variety of radio communication equipment for Aviation purposes. Various Hand-Held radios as well as Mobile radios, which can also operate as Airband Base Station radios, are available depending on customer’s requirements.


The entry level IC-A15 series hand held radio features 200 memory channels. The IC-A16 is IP 67 waterproof and features ANL ( auto noise limiter) internal VOX and more. The IC-A25CE does come with a large LCD display, intelligent scanning features ( memory channels, VFO scan etc. ) ANL, VOX and 300 memory channels of capacity.

The current top model of the ICOM aviation hand held radios, the IC-A25NE,  in addition to the IC-A25CE capabilities comes with build in Bluetooth, GPS and VOR navigation. The CDI ( Course Deviation Indicator) os detailed like a a real VOR instrument and displays any deviation from the course.

The OBS ( omni Bearing Selector) enables you to change course from the original flight plan.

Based on the IC-A120 ground to air mobile radio features build in Bluetooth and ANC ( active noise cancellation) and a dual watch channel function. A base station power supply  with budl in battery backup is available for this radio as well.

he IC-A210/A220 is a air to air radio for smaller aircrafts. It comes with a build in intercom function and features 12VDC  and 24VDC power sources.