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projects pic1 2 Aviation Ground to air, or air to ground,AM air band radios
Hand Helds, Mobile & aircarft aviation radio equippment

ICOM has developed a variety of radio communication equipment for Aviation purposes. Handheld, Mobile or Base Station radios are available depending customer’s requirements. These radios are used as primary ground communication as well as ground-to-air and backup aircraft communication equipment.


The IC-A24E hand held radio has VOR navigation functions. The DVOR mode shows the radial to or from a VOR station and the CDI mode shows the course deviation to/from a VOR station. You can also input your intended radial to/from the VOR station and show the course deviation on the display.

Based on the IC-A110 ground to air mobile radio, we have build cross band repeaters ( VHF AM to UHF commercial band) for some of our customers. Please contact us for further information in order to address also your needs.

We also keep a fast variety of accessories ( antennas, filters, noise canceling head phones etc. ) on stock in order to complement your requirement.