projects pic1 2 Professional License Free PMR446 radios
For Business & Industrial usage, Professional Licences Free Portable radios
KENWOOD PMR446 License free radio

The Kenwood Pro Talk series of licence free PMR446 radios do fit in the palm of a hand. They are ideal communication companion for the private or  leisure use, but fits also business applications , such as hotels , trade show, event organisation etc. The TK-3601DE is a high end and compact digital PMR446 radio. Its features 16 Analogue PMR446 Frequencies plus 32 dPMR446 Digital Frequencies. It is supplied with AC Adapter , rechargeable battery LI-ION battery and belt clip.

The PKT-23E is  an economic compact analog PMR446 radio and features 8 pre programmed PMR446 frequencies.  It comes complete with Battery, Charger and Belt Clip


ICOM PMR446 License free radio

ICOM professional PMR446 licence free radio are made for the professional user who is in a need of small, high quality, sturdy & reliable communication devices. The ICOM IC-F29 family of PMR446 portable radios are waterproof. As such they are the day to day companion for commercial radio user, i.e.for security, construction or maintenance & operations applications.

The brand new IC-F29SDR features a Display and a limited keyboard. It comes with 32 digital & 16 Analog PMR446 channel, thus a total of 48. Its cabbale of sending status messages and comes with an emergency call function.

The IC-F29DR does provides basically similar features as the IC-F29SDR, but comes without a display and does therefore sustain rough handling and is therefore suitable for industrial use.

What is PMR446?

PMR 446 was initially conceived as a European radio communication service. In the UK, PMR446 was operational from 1999 where it successively replaced the licensed Short-Range Business Radio (SRBR) format.

Analogue PMR446 is a license-free, voice only communication system which provides a simple, economical and effective short-range radio service for professional & leisure users. Unlike mobile phones, with PMR446, there is no waiting for a connection, no working around the uncertainties of GSM coverage and no contract fees or call charges to pay.

Following ECC Decision (15)05, new PMR446 frequencies are being introduced across Europe from 2016 to ensure the continued availability of license-free analogue and digital PMR446 frequency bands, increase capacity and reduce congestion:

- Analogue PMR446 frequency band will be extended to cover 446.0-446.2 MHz.

- Digital PMR446 frequencies (from 1st January 2018) will also be extended to cover 446.0-446.2 MHz.

- In the UAE PMR446 was introduced as a license free radio service in 2017.

- The Sultanate of Oman has in the meantime also introduce PMR446 as a liscsne free radio service.

If you like to learn more more about the technical changes of ECC Decision (15)05, you can find them covered in details in the Kenwood White Paper on the subject.